Executive Education


In today's globalized economic environment, multinational operations have become the norm for businesses. To meet the needs of global competition, senior executives need to have a broader, deeper global perspective and stronger cross-border management capabilities. Executive education programs that involve overseas travel have emerged as an important way for senior executives to enhance their global vision and cross-border management capabilities.  

The main purpose of our international executive education programs is to provide senior executives with an international, interdisciplinary, practical, and in-depth learning environment, which consists of a series of carefully designed activities and courses, including lectures, company visits, cultural experiences, industry research, language learning, team building, leadership development, and case studies.

We currently offer two main themes: high-end brand image building (luxury industry) and carbon neutrality. Executives or entrepreneurs not only have access to the world’s top companies but can also study at top business schools such as HEC.

Our courses are offered on a rolling basis. At the end of the course, participants will receive a graduation certificate issued by Peking University Guanghua School of Management.