Language Learning

Language is the window to the world  

We provide language learning services for students who choose to study in France or French-speaking areas of Canada.

When you choose to study in France, you will find that using English as the language of instruction in the classroom has become a trend. However, in daily life in France, you need to master a certain level of French proficiency to better communicate with locals, integrate into the French culture and society.

Learning French can help you better integrate into French society
French is the official language of France, and the French people attach great importance to their language and culture. Therefore, if you can speak French fluently, you will gain more respect and recognition, and also be able to better integrate into French society. You can practice French in supermarkets, cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, etc., which will help you gradually become familiar with the local lifestyle and culture.

Learning French can help you better understand French culture
French is a very beautiful language, and it embodies profound cultural connotations. Mastering French can help you better understand French history, literature, art and other aspects of knowledge. In addition, learning French can also help you better understand French people's ways of thinking and cultural traditions, helping you better adapt to life and work in France.

Learning French will also greatly help your career development
France is one of the most important economic hubs in Europe. If you master French, you will become one of the competitors for employment in France. Whether it is in French companies, institutions or international organizations, mastering French will be an important professional asset.

Learning French during your study in France will be a very important part of your study in France. Learning French requires some time and patience. But if you keep learning, you will benefit greatly.

Our French courses are taught by professional teachers, graduates of the French Department of Sorbonne University, and cover all levels from beginner to advanced, offering a wide range of options from big class to 1-to-1 teaching. Please contact us for detailed information on class offerings.