Overseas Study

We offer worldwide study abroad consulting services covering undergraduate, master and doctoral applications, with a focus on European institutions, especially French institutions.

France was the first non-English speaking country to admit foreign students and offers a wide range of programs taught in English. As a non-education industrialized country, France has extremely high education quality and cost-effectiveness for studying abroad.

Its public institutions (including public art institutions) are free, including the University of Sorbonne, the mother of famous European universities, and the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, one of the world’s four major art schools. The French Grande Ecole, which teaches in English and is not limited to any major, provides all students with the opportunity to transfer to business majors, including Top 1 European business school, HEC Paris. The 2-3 year graduate program allows students to learn business knowledge from scratch and switch their professional backgrounds.

However, its extremely complex education system has discouraged countless international students. Our international consultants can not only meet your needs for applying to English-speaking countries but also provide application advice for non-English speaking countries from a global perspective.

It should be noted that this service is currently only available to Chinese applicants.


About Grande Ecole

The French elite business schools are part of the French Grandes Écoles system, which is one of the most distinctive features of the French educational system. They are highly sought after by French and foreign students alike due to their reputation for producing top business leaders.

Graduates are known for their strong command of foreign languages and adaptability to corporate environments, making them highly desirable to employers. The quality of teaching and research at these schools is widely recognized worldwide, with several seats in the Financial Times and QS rankings of the world’s top business schools. Graduates have high employment rates and are employed in a wide range of fields, including finance, consulting, marketing, strategy, and innovation. These schools also actively promote international education and offer diverse international exchange programs to give students a broader perspective and cross-cultural communication skills.

The French elite business schools are a uniquely French business education system that provides students with high-quality business education and practical opportunities. If you want to pursue a career in business, French elite business schools are worth considering.

About Our Application Strategy

We do not limit the number of institutions to which an applicant can apply.

Our consultants first communicate the student’s profile to schools. Based on feedback results, we then identify colleges to apply to and optimize the student’s background.

This application model saves time and effort for the applicant and greatly increases the success rate of admissions. The result that the applicant can get is actually the best result that their background can achieve.